‘UK vehicle production has been completely cut by 50% in just five years’

right now, life is wonderful for two of Britain’s biggest assets – Bentley as well as Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA). It might even be argued that, in spite of the continuous issues in our pandemic-ravaged world, these two have never had it so good.   
Last Wednesday, I witnessed the British as well as German Bentley boys as well as women in buoyant mood as they talked with authentic interest about their existing or imminent hybrid as well as pure-electric products, the record year they’ve just enjoyed, ambitious UK production plans, huge (and non-subsidised) monetary investment on English soil, plus tons more upbeat stuff. understand that feeling when you can’t assist however feel proud to be British? That’s what I got from Bentley a few days ago.  

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And the complying with day I witnessed more feel-good ambition, motivation as well as positivity – thanks to the dare-to-be-different GMA as well as its recently revealed T.33 hypercar. like Bentley, professor Gordon Murray’s world-class firm is Brit-born, bred as well as based – as well as still building vehicles in Blighty. What’s not to like? 
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But while this pair of unconnected, true-Brit business are doing extremely well in their respective factories up north in Crewe as well as in the deep south at Windlesham as well as Dunsfold, there are as well many having a hard time vehicle plants in other parts of the UK. Plummeting production figures are their problem, as well as the society of motor manufacturers as well as Traders (SMMT) has just recently not been timid to highlight the truth that 2021 was the most dismal year for UK vehicle building since 1956. The group blamed Covid, lockdowns, microchip lacks as well as staffing problems (but, interestingly, not Brexit) for this huge cut in the number of vehicles developed using fast-disappearing ‘Made in England’ stickers or plaques.

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