New £1.5million Bentley Bacalar shown in range of colours

Bentley has provided the lucky 12 owners of the ultra-limited run Bacalar some food for believed by releasing a number of customisation examples of the £1.5-million (plus taxes) roadster.
While all 12 examples of the Bentley Bacalar offered out before any type of clients had seen the vehicle in the carbon fibre, those clients won’t be able to see the vehicle for a long time longer as the brand had to shut down its factory because of the coronavirus pandemic.
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As a result, Bentley created six example specs for the new model. You can see the pictures in our gallery, however they include “The Clerkenwell”; a traditional-looking design with a deep eco-friendly exterior surface as well as with lashings of wood trim inside, as well as “The Fulton”; a rich red design with a black as well as red cabin.
The new Bacalar, which borrows its unusual name from a lake in Mexico, is a natural rival to the recent McLaren Elva as well as the Aston Martin V12 Speedster.
Built to showcase Bentley’s bespoke Mulliner division’s aspiration of returning back to its coachbuilding roots, the open cockpit Bentley (there is no roof) is based on the vehicle maker’s present Continental GT convertible – but, aside from that car’s platform as well as powertrain, only the door handles are borrowed from the mainstream model.

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