Kia states “maybe” to the concept of a UK cars and truck plant

Kia HQ in South Korea admits that it can’t keep up with worldwide demand for its products, so may requirement to develop yet one more overseas factory.
When asked by automobile reveal whether it’s possible that the business may comply with in the footsteps of Honda, Nissan as well as Toyota by building a plant on British soil, Thomas Oh replied: “Maybe in the future.”
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Speaking from his office in Seoul, the second in command for Kia’s around the world operations added: “It depends upon a great deal of aspects – whether salaries as well as other production costs are competitive, plus reward packages, government grants – that kind of thing.
“Infrastructure, the capability to mobilise people, as well as raw labour costs are important, too. As is support from what I phone call the regional society.”
Oh admits that a few of his prospective clients still have understanding problems with the brand. however he insists that “Kia compares with Toyota as well as other Japanese makers on quality.”
He’s pleased sufficient with the Germans to mention Audi, BMW as well as Porsche as “winners,” while explaining the likes of Renault as well as Peugeot as “the losers” – for a range of reasons. “Failure” is not a word he’s terrified to utilize when addressing the issues of motor makers in France.
“It’s self-explanatory. These people are depending as well much on the French as well as European marketplace. They’ve have failed to establish in huge overseas markets, as well as rising markets. We’re ahead of them. In quantity as well as quality.”

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