Toyota Concept-i showcases in-car artificial intelligence at CES

Toyota has pulled the covers of its Concept-i automobile at CES 2017, explaining that the futuristic design aims to put the driver’s needs ahead of technology.
The Concept-i is Toyota’s vision for 2030 driving where the automobile will be a home on wheels although much of the tech showcased is expected to be introduced on Toyota models that we’ll see a good bit before that.
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The heart of the Concept-i is the in-car artificial intelligence, dubbed Yui. The virtual companion is designed to learn your characteristics, traits, dislikes and likes using sophisticated biometrics and becomes smarter the more you drive. 

Yui can hold conversations with chauffeurs to keep them alert or warn them of upcoming dangers. It’s represented throughout the concept as a ball of light with the idea that it can travel around the automobile to be where it’s needed.
That means information can be displayed “wherever, whenever” via either the 3D head-up display, the dashboard or even the seats.
We tested the system at CES going on a virtual drive around San Francisco with the help of Yui. during the journey the AI suggested nearby points of interest and looked out for potential hazards even when we were in control.

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