Caterham electric vehicle method as well as SUV plans exposed by manager

Caterham boss, Graham MacDonald, has detailed his company’s electrification method to automobile reveal in an special interview on our regular podcast, together with the firm’s prospective plans to shift into the SUV market.
MacDonald told us that Caterham won’t be introducing an all-electric design any type of time soon as the innovation is as well costly to establish in-house as well as doesn’t yet fit the Seven’s driving characteristics. However, MacDonald added that it’s something which his engineers are actively monitoring.
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“We recognise that the future is electrification but, as you know, we utilise primary brand engines. So we’ve utilized the Suzuki engine, we utilize the Ford engines just now – so we wouldn’t be naïve sufficient to believe we might establish our own EV powertrain; we’d be looking to utilize an off-the-shelf package,” MacDonald explained. 
“We’ve looked into it, however there’s a weight disadvantage to the Caterhams. part of the mantra of the Caterham is lightweight – “just add lightness,” as we phone call it. however currently, we believe an all-electric powertrain would add a lot more than 300kg to what is, already, about a 500kg car.”
MacDonald is likewise concerned about the expense implications of introducing an electric Caterham; today’s innovation would nearly double the expense of Seven.

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